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1. Do I need to make an appointment?
2. Can I get certified copies by mail?
3. Why hasn't my license been mailed to me, my officiant said he dropped it off?
4. What is the difference between a certified copy and marriage certificate?
5. How many witnesses do I need at the time of application?
6. How many witnesses do I need at the ceremony?
7. I applied to get married, does that mean I am married?
8. Does my last name automatically change after I am married?
9. I lived in Wall when I got married but our wedding was in Belmar, who has my record?
10. I got married, when will I get my marriage license?
11. If I mail in and application for certified copies will they be mailed back or do I pick them up
12. Do we need both partners present to apply for certified copies?
13. Can I get more certified copies at a later date?