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Transient Rental License

  1. Contact Information for the Owner of the Rented Premises

    Please provide the contact information for the owner or the legal respresntative(s) to the premises.

  2. Property Owner No. 1 or Legal Representative

    Please complete the below fields

  3. Property Owner No. 2 or Legal Representative

    Please complete the fields below if there is more than one property owner.

  4. Property Owner Consent
  5. Consent of Property Owner*

    By checking this box I attest that I have received written consent from the property owner to rent the above-referenced premise.

  6. Please upload/attache the written consent of the property owner here.

  7. Notice - Agent Required

    If the applicant is not based in the Township, they must appoint an authorized agent who can accept legal documents and fulfill the necessary requirements for licensing on behalf of the applicant.

  8. Property Details
  9. Items of Consent
  10. Consent to no former revocation or suspension*

    By checking this box, I consent that I have not received any previous revocation or suspension.

  11. Consent to Comply with Zoning Regulations*

    By checking this box, I consent that I am not violating the Zoning Regulations of the Township. 

  12. Consent to comply with amount of guests*

    By checking this box I consent that no more than two (2) Transient Guests may occupy a Residential unit bedroom at any one time.

  13. Required items
  14. Fire Prevention*

    By checking this box I attest that I have received written approval from the Bureau of Fire Prevention in accordance with §149-7 which requires the following: Every 30 days, the registered host shall schedule a Fire Inspection with the Wall Township Bureau of Fire Prevention. Registered hosts must demonstrate that the residential unit is equipped with a fire extinguisher, carbon monoxide detector and smoke detector pursuant to Wall Township Municipal Code Chapter 113.  The fee associated with this inspection shall be $75.00. The request for inspection must be made more than five (5) days before the date required for inspection.

  15. Assessments*

    By checking this box I attest that I provided proof of payment of property taxes, assessments against the property and municipal water and sewer charges pursuant to N.J.S.A. §40:52-1.2.

  16. Insurance*

    By checking this box I attest that as the registered host, I shall maintain property liability insurance in an amount of no less than $500,000.00. or demonstrate that a transient space marketplace maintains liability coverage in an equal or higher amount. 

  17. Please upload your current policy here

  18. Signatures and Fees
  19. Signature of the owner or representative

  20. Fees

    Designation as a registered host shall be for a duration of no more than a (1) year with an expiration of March 31st. The fee for such a designation shall be $200.00 per year.

  21. Acknowledgement*

    By checking this box I acknowledge that payment of $200.00 is due to the Office of the Municipal Clerk no later than March 31.

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