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Proclamation Request

  1. Disclaimer:

    Applications must be submitted at least three weeks prior to the meeting date or event where the presence of the Township Committee is requested to allow for coordination and preparation

  2. Contact Information for Application
  3. Proclamation to be presented at:
  4. Please provide which date you would like the proclamation to be presented.  For a full listing of meeting dates, please visit that main calendar on the website.

  5. Please provide the name of the event.  Please note, if selecting an event outside of Town Hall. the organizer will be required to pickup the proclamations during regular business hours.

  6. If selection an event outside of Town Hall, please provide the address

  7. Please advise how many copies will be needed for the organization / individual

  8. Additional Information

    Please note that it is the organization's responsibility to notify individuals that they would like to be in attendance for the presentation of the proclamation.  

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