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Annual Food License

  1. Checklist

    For establishments that are new to the Township of Wall we have a checklist of all the entities you will need to be in touch with!

  2. Applicant Contact Information
  3. Please provide an email address where mail is checked regularly.  Renewal reminders are mailed and emailed.  

  4. Establishment Information
  5. Trade Name

  6. Category 1-3

  7. Fees

    The Township now accepts electronic payment! Please call our office to provide payment information over the phone.  Checks can be made to the Township of Wall and cash is accepted in the exact amount.

    (732)449-8444 ext. 2200

  8. Description


    Mobile Vehicles

    $40.00 per year

    Special Events (one-week duration or less)

    $50.00 per event

    Establishments other than licensed restaurants:

    Minimum fee establishments

    $65.00 per year

    Between 4,000 and 10,000 square feet

    $175.00 per year

    Over 10,000 square feet

    $325.00 per year


    Seating Capacity up to 50

    $65.00 per year

    Seating Capacity from 51 to 100

    $115.00 per year

    Seating Capacity over 100

    $185.00 per year

  9. Additional Requirements
  10. Taxes and Utilities

    All assessments must be paid current with the Wall Township Collections Department:

  11. Board of Health

    Satisfactory rating from the Board of Health:

  12. Compliance
  13. Chapter 119*

    By checking this box, I (we) consent that I have reviewed and understand Township Code Chapter 119 pertaining to food establishments

  14. Compliance with Board of Health*

    By checking this box, I consent to comply with all of the Ordinances of the Freehold Township Health Department.  It is further agreed that I (we) shall surrender this license if rescinded by the Health Department

  15. I, or we, the undersigned, do hereby make application for a license to conduct an eating, drinking or food establishment:

  16. Food Manager Certification

    Please complete the fields below and  provide copies of any new certification

  17. Please upload a copy of your valid ServSafe

  18. Leave This Blank:

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