What do I need to obtain a dog license?

•All dogs must be licensed during January every year, regardless of when a license was purchased the previous year. A summons can be issued for not purchasing a license any time after February 1st. 

•If the dog is spayed/ neutered the cost is $12.00 (twelve dollars) per dog 

•If not the dog is not spayed/ neutered the cost $15.00 (fifteen dollars) per dog 

•If an application is submitted or postmarked after January 31, a $5.00 late fee will be added to the cost of the license for each dog. (Late submissions of spayed/neutered $17.00 per dog, late submissions of not spayed/ neutered animals $20.00 per dog) 

• A valid rabies certificate: must have a duration of immunity which extends throughout at least ten (10) of the twelve (12) of the licensing period (valid through October 31)

• A valid veterinarian’s certificate proving that a dog has been spayed/neutered. However, it is not required that a dog in the Township of Wall be spayed/ neutered. Please visit the Clerk's page for an application.

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