Bulk Pickup



Contact Us: (732) 449-2700

Your bulk items will be collected once a month either on a Thursday or a Friday. 

The purpose of household bulk pickup is for the convenience of the Wall Township Residents.  All bulk items are picked up on a 10 item basis. 

  • Items that are permitted for curbside bulk pickup include: household appliances (any Freon unit – $15 fee is charged), a single window, a single door, one room of carpeting, metal sheds, furniture, 2-3 mattresses/box springs, metal bed frames, etc.  
  • Items that will NOT be picked up on bulk days include: electronics, wooden sheds, decking, tires and items that are considered construction /building material will NOT be picked up curbside (more than 1 door, more than 1 window, kitchen cabinets, wood piles, decking, sheetrock, tile, etc.) These items can be brought to either Township Recycling Center for a fee. 
  • Recyclables such as large cardboard boxes are NOT considered bulk and will not be picked up curbside. 
  • Any chargeable items such as a refrigerator must be paid for PRIOR to the bulk pickup

Please place all bulk material at your curb prior to 5:30am on the day of your bulk pickup.  Please note that bulk pickup will not be provided on holidays observed by the Township and if a holiday occurs during your Bulk Week please note the following:

  • If a holiday falls on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, all Thursday Bulk will be collected on Friday.
  • If a holiday falls on a Thursday, all scheduled bulk pickups for that day will be collected on the following Friday.  
  • If a holiday falls on a Friday, all bulk pickups scheduled for that day will be collected on the preceding Thursday. 
  • Bulk scheduled during Independence Day week will all be collected the Thursday and Friday BEFORE the holiday. (see attached flyer)
  • Finally, bulk scheduled to be collected during Thanksgiving week will all be collected on the Thursday and Friday AFTER Thanksgiving. (see attached flyer)

 Any questions regarding quantity or type of material accepted at curbside bulk pickup, please call the Department of Public Works at 732-449-2700.

Prohibited Curbside Items

It should be noted that the township does not provide curbside pickup of tires or building materials. For a small fee they may be disposed of at the Recycling Center located at Tiltons Corner Road or Taft Street. A fee is charged due to the fact that the township must pay a premium to get rid of building materials and tires.

Other items not picked up are concrete products, bricks, pesticides, batteries of any kind or propane tanks. Bulk items may be taken to the Recycling Center on Tiltons Corner Road or Taft Street. No commercial bulk or contractors permitted. 

Recyclable materials (such as large cardboard boxes) are NOT bulk and should not be placed out on Bulk Day. 

Electronic Recycling

As of January 1, 2011, state law prohibits electronic equipment from being left at the curb. All electronics must be delivered to either of our recycling centers on Tilton's Corner Road or Monmouth Boulevard.